Monday, 21 December 2009

here we goooo agaaaain :)

what's changed since i last decided to give this thing a go?
weeeell guess who got herself a boyfriend :)
i may have already gotten with him by the time i started this.. we got together on November 17th. ahhh
it was odd. i'd had a crush on him for a while, but we were still at 'just friends'.. he's a major flirt so i wasn't sure anything out of the ordinary would happen.
but, being at boarding school, things happen fast. mhm.
so, this is how it happened.
being at boarding school (gay, yes, i know. NOT MY FAULT.) we had this assembly thing together. it was the last night before we broke up for half term. i was a teeensy bit tipsy, and generally overexcited. 
so, me and my roommate and new best friend olivia were walking back over to our 'houses' (where we sleep/live). and then i saw him in front of me. Angus. :)
and i don't know what gave me the courage, because i'm pretty shy with the whole, um, 'flirting' thing. i've always got on with boys well, and to be honest, never had any trouble pulling, but it still scares the shit out of me. but anyway, i went up to him and pulled on his scarf.
he turned around, looking surprised. 
'hey loser,' i said, attempting to look sultry and seductive (HAHA)
and, wonder of wonders, he left his friend and we walked back over to our houses together.
after this assembly, we were all meant to have 'drinks' in our houses. obviously we're in separate houses, boys and girls. and at this school, you get in so much trouble for breaking any rules.
and yet, for some reason, in his presence i got light headed, reckless. we decided to skip drinks, and hang out behind the library instead. at this point, it could easily have just been 'hanging out'. i wasn't sure what was happening, but i just went with the flow.
we pretended to be spies to avoid being caught. :)
and then, sitting in the cold behind a library in boarding school in kent, whilst i sang the 'BN BN' song, he kissed me. :)
and asked me out.
and then our relationship has been the most confusing, intense, emotionally draining one i've ever been in. 
but more next time. :)
so that is chapter one of the 'cangus' saga (catherine and angus.. get it? it's what everyone refers to us as now :p)


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