Tuesday, 27 October 2009


so, it is half term.
this is where i'll explain a little bit about life. life being my life. what? shut up catherine.
I used to live in London. I lived there with my family - both parents, two younger siblings. A dog. Cat. simple, yes?
well, not really. I fell in with what could easily be misinterpreted as a 'bad' crowd. There was a lot of drugs, drink, sex. And yet, they were good people, some of the best i've ever met. They were funny, genuine. I liked spending time with them. what we did was such a small part of the social experience - surely things like alcohol do not define your entire relationship with someone? or not? hm.
yes, so my parents decided they would pull me out of my day school in london and send me to boarding school in Kent. I do understand this - they thought they were looking after me, doing the 'right' thing. I'm 16. they're my parents. But, of course, i didn't see it like this. I was distraught, to be honest. 
But the move turned out to be alright. I left an awful lot of drama behind me in london. A lot of ex boyfriends, ex best friends, etc. A lot of fights, a lot of misplaced anger and dislike. naturally i left a lot of people who meant a lot to me, but then i've already made a lot of new friends. it's an odd situation now, but i suppose in the long run it's a good thing. it will 'broaden my horizons and make me a better, more rounded person', according to my parents. right?

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